What are the PRO business plans?

PRO business plans

PRO business plans?

E-ads offer two types of business plans:

1) ADS
2) PRO

In this blog, we will discuss Features of PRO Plans;

1) In PRO Plans, you get the long-term validity of all packages

2) You earn up to 50% of your investment through ads until the expiry of your package.

3) You Earn from your downline ads earnings If you have added 10 members in your 1st line, your ads earnings will increase because you will receive ads watching income from your downline. Your earnings never stop you receive daily income from your downline.

4) You will receive a referral commission without any limitations. If you have activated basic plan , still you will receive all other packages commission from your downlines. Suppose you have activated Rs.1000 worth package and your team member activate Rs.10,000 worth package. You will receive Rs.3000 commission.

5) In PRO packages you get long-term expiry dates upto 1 year.

Why you should choice PRO Plans?
If you wants to earn through reffrals must choice PRO plan. In PRO Plans you get fewer ads on daily basis but you get long-term validity.

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