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NetworkBuxx is an advertising agency that promotes national and multinational brands. We also provide earning opportunities by viewing ads on our platform and through referrals. Members can increase their income through our marketing plans, which include daily ads, multiple business plans, Uni-level business plans, and lifetime commissions for renewing and upgrading packages. Our plans offer great features and opportunities for lifetime earnings from home.

We provide up to 100 daily ads with viewing times of 10 to 20 seconds, allowing members to earn a handsome income within just 2 minutes. With 2 levels of ad earnings, members benefit from their team’s efforts and can earn through multiple levels of network marketing without any earning limits. There are no hidden charges, and earnings are directly deposited into members’ accounts. Our packages have no limitations, allowing members to earn from their team’s higher packages even if they have activated a basic package. We offer the best business plans compared to others.

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The executive project on this website is a game-changer! It's user-friendly and has helped me organize my investments efficiently.
Fabio Fontai
I highly recommend this gold project! It's comprehensive and has given me a clear roadmap for my financial goals.
Daniela Dewitt
Thanks to this website, I now have a better grasp of my investments. The Executive project is a valuable tool for anyone looking to manage their finances.
Lyle Kauffman
I've tried several investment planners, but this one stands out. It's intuitive, insightful, and has made a significant impact on my investment strategy.
I'm impressed with the investment planner project offered on this website. It's a fantastic resource for both beginners and experienced investors.
Amilia Luna
This investment planner project has exceeded my expectations. The website's service is top-notch, and I've seen positive results in my investment portfolio since using it.
Lidia Marin
I highly recommend this investment planner project! It's comprehensive and has given me a clear roadmap for my financial goals.

Best Place To Earn Money Online

Passive Income, Up to 7 Ads Daily, Daily Withdraw. And you got easily attached Pakistani Banks 
Easy-Paisa/Jazz Cash


We Worked World wide Internationally

20M+ Impression

We got 20M+ Impression World Wide/International

200K+ Users

We Cover 200K+ Users World wide Internationally

Rs.100M+ Withdraw

We Payed Rs.100M+ Withdraw World wide Internationally

Benefits And Facilities

Enjoy unlimited Benefits.

Best Among Others

We offer the best business plans and the best opportunities for lifetime passive income. Two Levels ads Earnings for daily earnings without referral.

We're Secure

we make sure that we have all the necessary tools and resources for our users data protection. Our website is fully secure from cyberattacks.

We're Profitable

Eads all plans give you unlimited earnings through Uni-level marketing business plans. You generate more income than your investment with minimal efforts.

We Accept all payments

We accept all methods of payments. Jazzcash, Easypaisa, Bank Accounts and cryptocurrencies payments for withdrawals and deposits.

Best Support

Our support center help users to know about Eads and gives fastest response 24/7. You may contact support center by submitting tickts. Or may contact us on whatsapp.

We're Global

You have opportunity to expand your network globally. Anyone can join us from worldwide we accept crypto payments and withdrawals globally.

Frequently Asked Question

Leadership is learned, earned, and discerned.

Network Buxx is advertising agency which advertise different national and multination brands businesses. We also provide earnings opportunities to peoples throw viewing ads on our platform same like TV and social media ads. We also offer income for referring our platform to others and Eads’s members boost their income Through multilevel marketing plans.

Network Buxx offer 7 ads daily with 10 seconds view time. Ad price Rs.35

We offer handsome income for viewing ads if you will view one ad you will earn Rs.35. You may earn Rs.35 to Rs.245 daily through ads It depends on your business plan. You will also receive 10% ads commission from your 1st levels members. If your 1st line member will Earn Rs.200 by viewing ads you’ll also receive Rs.20 commission.

Every member earn 10% income from their downline ads income. If a user have 10 members in his 1st line he receives 10% ads commission from every member. This income help you to earn Rs.1000 plus through ads without any working if you have a good team. There’s not any maximum limit from downlines ads earnings. But you need a good team for earning amd withdrawing all of your income.

Every package has different features we define these features In Plan details: Daily limit: How much ads you can view Daily Referral Bonus: Eads offer 2 levels to 6 levels commission plans. Levels mean your lines or downlines. If a business plans give you 2 levels commission this mean you will receive commission all of your 1st and 2nd lines members. If you will refer 10 members you’ll earn from 10 members now if your 10 members will refer anyone you will also receive commission because you are receiving 2 levels income. If you will activate 6 leves package then you’ll receive commission from your 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th & 6th lines/Levels members. Plan price: how much a user pay for subscribing of this package. Validation: How many days or months this package will remain active

Every package have different levels of commission. We offer world best marketing plan UNI-LEVEL. Users may add unlimited members in their 1st line There’s not any limit of 2 or 3 members in your 1st line. When a user add a member in his 1st line or level 1 he earn 30% of commission of package price. This mean every user receive: 30% commission from 1st level members (1st line) 20% commission from 2nd level members (2nd line) 5% commission from 3rd level members (3rd line) 2.5% commission from 4th level members (4th line) 2.5% commission from 5th level members (5th line) 1.25% commission from 6th level members (6th line) Users receive commission from every member who join in their downlines according to their business plans.

Withdraw limit means how much income you can withdraw from your Eads’s Account. This limit increase every time when someone joins your team. Suppose you have zero limit then you add “ALI” with your link and he activate Rs.10,000 plan now your limit will increase by Rs.6000 and balance by Rs.3000 because how much income you will receive from your 1st line you’ll receive double withdrawal limit